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The resources are limited and the global challenge of an ageing population calls for a more efficient and productive health care. Through benchmarking you can learn from those who are best in class and increase productivity and reduce costs. Helseplan has extensive experience of comparison, analysis and the exchange of best practices.

Our experienced consultants can with the help of benchmarking help you identify your organizations most prioritized areas of improvement. With our extensive experience and keen knowledge of the health care sector as well as change management we are also your natural partner for implementation.

Nysam – A platform for improvement

Helseplan has strived to improve the Swedish health care sector for more than twenty years through the Nysam benchmarking network. The network consists of 30+ development groups based on specialties and sub-specialties. Each development group has its’ unique set of vetted KPI’s and the group member collaborate to improve based on these indicators.

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For more information, please contact:

Amanda Gyllenswärd

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Nysam Nordic

Nysam expands in the Nordic Region and establishes development groups. For more information, please contact:

Amanda Gyllenswärd

Helseplan Stockholm

Stadsgården 10

116 45 Stockholm