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Through benchmarking and exchange of experiences our limited resources can last longer. Helseplan can help you with comparisons, analysis and experience exchange in Sweden and internationally.

Nysam – An arena for development

Helseplan has during the past 25 years participated in the development of Scandinavian health and social care through the Nysam network. Together with our approximately 20 development groups in Sweden, we produce key indicators for comparison, in order to stimulate discussion, knowledge transfer and organisational development. To compare with and learn from others is an efficient way to develop. By taking part of lessons learned in similar organisations – both successes and failures – both you and your organisation can achieve a more efficient development.

Helseplan Nysam provides a unique forum for growth and development that enables a data-driven organisational development based on quality-assured data. Our experienced consultants can help you find areas in need of improvement and best practices, as well as support you in the development work.

By systematically working with statistics and follow-ups, and by having active dialogues customized for each specialty we can maximize the use of our limited health care resources.

Our development groups are growing and expanding continuously in order to include more specialties and areas. If you are interested in joining one of our networks or wish to discuss the possibility of starting a new network, you are welcome to contact us.

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