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A hospital needs to be cost-effective and serve its purpose throughout its lifetime. Facility / property requirements will influence the prerequisites of the care organisation for decades. Assuring quality before, during and after the building is completed is of highest priority. Helseplan will support you from start to finish with the development of the new hospital – from needs analysis to construction and deployment. With profound experience from extensive projects at university and emergency hospitals as well as smaller hospitals, Helseplan becomes a natural partner in the process. By managing change, Helseplan becomes the link between all actors involved and ensures a smooth hospital development process, as well as the fulfilment of user needs in the future hospital.

The road towards a future hospital or care facility includes both strategic decisions and operative work. Helseplan has the tools for a complete solution, including the development of:

  • A vision, based on mission and values
  • Dimensioning according to demography, access and estimated patient flows
  • Design and standard regarding the configuration of the property, use of surfaces and acquisition of IT and med tech equipment
  • Work flows and methods that bring out the full potential of the new facilities - from a patient, employee and economic perspective
  • Deployment plans

A successful implementation of the property, as well as new, effective working methods requires professional change management on several levels, which is Helseplan’s core competence.

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