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Every year Helseplan organize and facilitate a vast number of education courses and training sessions. The educations combine the latest research findings with classic theories, models and tools - always based on scientific evidence in close cooperation with leading universities. All of our education and training sessions integrate theory with practical usage and interactive exercises.

Thousands of managers, employees, physicians, nurses and other care professionals have participated in our courses. The education and training sessions can also be custom-made in accordance to your needs and/or be directed towards a specific group – for example top management, middle managers or healthcare personnel. It is also possible to combine several areas or themes in a joint course and/or combine the courses with practical improvement projects. Several of our trainings can also be offered as tutorial guidance or coaching. Helseplan offers a vast number of courses and trainings within the following areas:

  • Change management, improvement theory and organisational development
  • Patient safety for managers and employees
  • Organisational governance and strategic development
  • Measure and monitoring for achieving effect
  • Development of management groups
  • Work environment
  • Other needs: If you cannot find what you are searching for above, please contact us to see if we are able to meet your requirements

You are very welcome to contact us if you have questions about the trainings we offer, or if you wish to create a custom-made training according to the needs in your organisation.

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