Helseplan can offer support in the entire digitalization process of your organisation. By combining profound organisational understanding with technical knowhow and change management, we can support you in all steps along the way – from innovation and development of healthcare systems to the training of staff upon implementation.

Helseplan’s consultants can assist you with, for instance:

  • Change management and implementation: Strategic work, project management, transformation, organisational development and implementation. Helseplan can support you throughout the process - from initiation to the realisation of benefits – and form a link between system developers and care personnel.
  • Development and innovation: Organisation-driven system development, that originates from patient and organisational needs. The development of IT systems is combined with the development of processes and working methods in order to achieve maximal value and sustainable solutions.
  • Testing: Management, coordination and planning of test work in projects and organisations. Helseplan contributes by managing and cooperating with employees responsible for testing as well as suppliers. We also offer operative support relative to test work.
  • Training/education: As a separate delivery or as part of a larger project, Helseplan can train and prerare your staff for the upcoming implementation.

Our consultants are experienced in working with and within patient journal and IT systems within health and social care, including but not limited to: TakeCare, Melior, Cosmic, Obstetrix and Orbit.

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