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An evaluation or follow-up can contribute with new knowledge, identify challenges or confirm a specific perspective, as well as lead to increased understanding and create a fact-based foundation for future decisions. The evaluation can also reveal if an implemented project has resulted in desired outcomes and effects. Regardless of the purpose, following up or evaluating what has been done can be a valuable tool for internal control and for becoming an efficiently and purposely governed organisation, for both public and private actors.

Monitoring and evaluations - often in the form of audits or mappings - are important tools for insight and liability claims within the public sector. The audit also ensures that public resources are used for their intended purpose, and that the budgeted resources contribute to an efficient and expedient organisation. This leads to increased transparency and stronger reliance in the planning and governing of public organisations.

Helseplan is an independent actor with profound experience of follow-ups and evaluations, within both the private and the public sector. We have performed audits within several different thematic areas in health care and cure, but also in governance, management and finance. For every evaluation or follow-up, we assemble a team that possesses the competence that matches the assignment. We can further complement our team with external experts and specialists, and can therefore take on assignments with a very specific niche. Helseplan has access to an extensive of experts, among them also medical experts. Their expertise is continuously offered within the scope of our assignments.

Helseplan can assist you with following up and evaluating your organisation – either partly or entirely. We have experience from work within all types of audits, mappings and evaluations for private and public actors.



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